Australia’s Coal Seam Gas Connection

Australasian Training and Education Centre

Coal Seam Gas or commonly called as CSG is a combustible fossil fuel found in the gaseous state and it made up of 95-97% Methane. This gas is a by product of coal formation and is found abundantly in Australia particularly Queensland and New South Wales. CSG extraction has been happening in these regions for not just 5-6 years but since past 3 decades but it has seen explosive growth in the last decade where Billions of Dollars are invested in exploration and extraction of CSG pumping money in the local economy and creating of thousand of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled jobs. It not just adds to prosperity of the society but also helps Australia meet its energy demands without putting an extra burden on imports of crude oil putting a heavy dent on the balance of trade.

Like every extraction of natural resources, coal seam gas extraction is also…

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